This is Manchester United

"5 years back when Ronaldo left, they said it’d be the beginning of the end. 5 years back when we lost 2-0 to Barcelona, they said we’d never get the chance again. 7 years back when Chelsea had won back to back PL titles, they said 19 was just a magical number. 20 years back some scousers dismissed our 8th PL title, they told us to comeback when we had 18. In ‘95 when we crashed out in group stages, they said we are not good enough for Europe and we went on to win the most dramatic title in 1999. 10 years back when Arsenal went undefeated, they said United would never be the same. 66 years back when our 8 players died in the Munich crash, they said the dreams also died with the players. But here we stand with a record 20 titles; better than anyone else.”

Juan Mata's career:

1998-2003 (Real Oviedo)

2003-2007 (Real Madrid B)

2007-2011 (Valencia)

2011-2014 (Chelsea)

2014 - (Manchester United)

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you a fighter

Manchester United 1-1 Bayern Munich

Nemanja Vidic (58)

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”When it’s over I just want to be able to look in the mirror and say: ‘Well, you were a half-decent player.”’